It has been my experience that my clients do extremely well during their 6-month programs.  We cover a lot and they accomplish a great amount in a very short time. Many of my clients choose to renew their program and continue this work in greater depth.  An additional six months is extremely beneficial to those who choose to renew.  I am happy to extend this same opportunity to you!

Renewing a program is perfect for:

  • Clients who enjoy a slower and more relaxed pace due to an ultra-busy lifestyle and want continued support for another six months.

  • Clients who have achieved amazing results in a short amount of time and want to continue with a deeper focus on specific areas of concern.

  • Clients who would like to work on new goals, entirely separate from where they originally started.

  • Clients who simply appreciate the value of my support and services and desire a maintenance program as they go out on their own.

I've created a few different options for program renewal:

  • Renew the same program for another 6 months: Sign up today and your program cost stays the same.

  • Create a customized program: You and I can agree on a program that is best for you.*

       *Only available to graduates of my programs; ask me about it

I have enjoyed working with you and welcome the opportunity to continue our work together. If you have any questions at all, I am happy to help.


Chuck Haynes